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Feeling a little impatient? You’re not alone. Relearning the art of patience post-lockdown… takes patience

September 7, 2022

During lockdown, patience was an expected part of our everyday life.

Without any choice but to sit tight and wait it out, my family stayed patient by regularly having conversations at the dinner table on what we would do once restrictions eased.

Go overseas, have a party, visit friends in Queensland.

One night we even pulled out a whiteboard and wrote down the names of the friends we would reconnect with and a list of all the places we’d go.

It only took half an hour to fill the blank space and, sitting back, it reminded us that we are still interesting and adventurous people, even though we’d been forced to stay in our homes for well over three months.

Lockdown allowed everyone to reflect on the preciousness of our lives and as a global community we wallowed in the simple joys.


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