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The AGM 5 Pro might be the loudest Android phone ever

September 8, 2022
The AGM 5 Pro.

The AGM 5 Pro is as rugged a device as you’ll find.

Image: Jack Wallen

Although I rarely drop my phone (knock on wood), I do tend to listen to various sorts of media with the volume cranked. And in all my years of using, reviewing, and enjoying Android devices, I’ve never heard decibels from a phone as I have with the AGM 5 Pro.

It’s very loud.

But in a good way.

In fact, according to AGM, the 5 Pro can reach 109 dB without even blinking. I did a test with an Android decibel meter and was only able to reach 82 dB, but that was while listening to “Veni, Delecte Mi,” by Sebastian de Vivanco and sung by the glorious Voce8. Even listening to Devin Townsend’s “Kingdom” (which is a very loud song) only reached 79 dB.

The back side of the AGM 5 Pro.

The AGM loudspeaker on display.

Image: Jack Wallen

Though I wasn’t able to hit that 109 dB mark, the phone is loud… as in, I can hear it throughout the entire house loud. For anyone who uses their Android phone for entertainment purposes alone, this device could be a real game changer.

But head banging sound aside, what does the AGM 5 Pro offer that could sway you from your current device?

Let’s take a look.

The Specs

As always, we’ll start with the specs. Given the price ($319.00 on Amazon) The AGM 5 Pro would seem like a fairly rock-bottom phone. The specs, on the other hand, place this device square in the mid-range of Android devices. The spec list includes:

Sounds like a bargain. However, before you jump on the bandwagon for the AGM 5 Pro, there are a couple of things you should be aware of first.

It’s the heaviest phone I’ve ever used

The AGM 5 Pro weighs 12.7 oz. To give you some perspective, the Pixel 6Pro weighs 7.41 oz, and I consider it the heaviest phone I’ve ever used as a daily driver. the Pixel 5 (which was always ideal for me by way of size and weight) comes in at a scant 5.3 ounces. So, yes, the 5 Pro is a beefy device. And given it’s similar in size to the Pixel 6 Pro (the AGM is 6.9 x 3.3 x 0.9 inches), anyone with small hands or short digits might have a bit of trouble using this phone with ease.

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The AGM 5 Pro.

The AGM 5 Pro is Godzilla approved.

Image: Jack Wallen

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The so-so camera

On paper, the camera seems to be on par with the standard mid-range fare. However, the AGM 5 Pro has trouble when it comes to portrait mode. I found that no matter how careful and accurate I was, getting a quality portrait-mode photo was more challenging than it should be. Images came out way too blurry (with not just the background being blurred).

On the other hand, the standard mode does take some pretty solid photos.


As far as performance is concerned, the AGM 5 Pro stands out as a solid mid-range phone. No, it won’t compete with the likes of the Pixel 6 Pro, but compare it to any other phone in its price range and this monster can hold its own. Yes, you’ll experience a bit of lag in animations, but that’s to be expected with any phone in this price range. But the fingerprint scanner works instantly and apps install and open quickly. All in all, there’s very little to complain about in the area of ​​performance (so long as you’re not expecting flagship-level performance).

Who’s this phone’s target audience?

Given the ear-splitting loudspeaker and drop-resistant protection, the AGM 5 Pro might well be the perfect phone for anyone who works in a loud environment (such as a worksite) and needs to be able to not only hear their device over a constant barrage of sounds. Or, it could also be the perfect phone for those who are prone to dropping it, as rest assured it won’t shatter into a million tiny pieces. The AGM 5 Pro is as rugged and loud as they come.

Another possible target audience would be those who take their party on the road. If you like to share the sounds of your music (in just about any situation), the AGM 5 Pro will more than fit the bill. Launch an impromptu rave in your apartment or dorm room and everyone will be able to dance to the beat.

If you prefer your phones on the classy and svelte side, the AGM 5 Pro is certainly not the phone for you. But if you don’t mind some heft, a somewhat industrial look, and a lot of noise, this phone should be in your sights.