VR CAVEs Boost Immersive Educational Experiences—Here’s How

Having previously provided a multitude of VR CAVEs (Cave Automatic Virtual Environments) to different academic sites across Europe, ST Engineering Antycip, Europe’s leading provider of virtual reality solutions, has delivered for its long-standing partner, Oxford Brookes University.

The brief from the university was to enhance its advanced, industry-standard research, and teaching facilities in engineering and computing using virtual technology. Thanks to a long-term relationship between the university and ST Engineering Antycip, Joe Tah, vice-chancellor and dean of faculty of technology, design and environment at Oxford Brookes University, went on to pursue a collaborative project that offered an educational and immersive VR CAVE setting for its students.

This virtual environment comprises two modes of operation: ‘Unique mode’, whereby only the primary user’s vision is tracked and dynamically corrected to their eyes, and ‘Multiview mode’, which allows two people to be tracked and each see a different perspective-corrected image when wearing the corresponding 3D glasses.

Oxford Brookes University and ST Engineering Antycip boost immersive education with Multiview VR CAVE

(Image credit: ST Engineering Anticipation)

“We believe this is the UK’s first Multiview stereoscopic VR CAVE system in operation today,” said John Mould, commercial development manager at ST Engineering Antycip. “One of our biggest challenges for the CAVE was to install the highest quality rear projection screen substrates, which we sourced from Barco—its vertically mounted UDM laser projectors each equipped with unique folded lens optics makes this CAVE’s footprint very compact to further aid its ability to be installed within a restrictive space.”

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